Julie. A lovely french. 19 years old. Law student (i'm crying every day of my life.) FANGIRL. MULTIFANDOM and all my tears. J'écris quand l'inspiration vient à moi mais c'est quasiement rare because c'est une salope. Je fais du poney. J'habite la plus belle ville de France : Toulouse #teamchocolatinejetenique 

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it really, really well.

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Leliana + TV Tropes

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One of the best things about Gintoki and Kagura’s relationship is that, in Gintoki, Kagura finally gets the older brother/father figure she never really had before. Kagura’s a tough kid. She pretty much raised herself, and she could make it on her own, but it’s just so much better this way to have an adult who looks after her, who fixes things when she gets in over her head or makes the wrong snap decision. Gintoki is an adult she can finally depend on.

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Once upon a time, the end.
by Gotta love Twelve (via loveofhufflepuff)
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